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Dynaxorb Material Technical Specs

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Dynaxorb is black, energy absorbing, and sound diffusing advanced polymer square.   Dynaxorb eliminates Speaker Back-Wave Noise and Distortion.   Dynaxorb eliminates back-wave speaker distortion that colors sound and confuses imaging by using a combination of energy absorbent material and the technology known as faceting. 

Acoustic Properties:

Back wave distortion, a common problem with every speaker, occurs when your speaker sends the same sound out the back as it does out the front. If this rear sound wave energy is allowed to bounce back and return to the speaker, it interferes with the speakers ability to operate properly causing back-wave speaker distortion. Dynaxorb eliminates back-wave distortion using Sonic Stealth Technology. Dynaxorb absorbs, diffuses and attenuates the sonic energy directed towards it. Removing back-wave interference from the speaker allows every speaker to produce the full quality potential it was designed for. 


For automotive use, Dynaxorb is most effective when installed behind speakers and inside subwoofer enclosures. When used with car speaker door installation, install Dynaxorb to the panel directly behind the speaker. In subwoofer enclosures, use multiple Dynaxorbs to line the enclosure wall that is directly behind the subwoofers. For home/home theater use, use Dynaxorb behind in-wall installation speakers and inside speaker and subwoofer cabinets. Lining Dynaxorb behind in-wall speakers will not only eliminate back-wave speaker distortion it will also decouple the sonic energy from the in-wall speaker reducing the unwanted sound radiated through the wall into the adjacent room. 


Dynaxorb comes in 6 x 6 squares and can be used individually with smaller speakers or tiled together to line the opposing wall inside subwoofer enclosures.It can be easily attached to any given substrate with a cyanoacrylate adhesive. Dynaxorb can be trimmed to fit using a knife or scissors. Remove dust, grease, moisture and other foreign matter from the application surface.   For best results, treat the area behind the speaker with Dynamat Xtreme then install Dynaxorb directly over the Dynamat.


Black, advanced polymer square



¼ (6.35mm)



0.34 lbs. per 6-1/16 square

(168 g per 154mm square)



<10 Shore A



69.6 lbs./ft3

(1120 kg/m3)


Rebound Resilience:

<15%Tensile Strength


Water Absorption:




Store in a cool dry place


Recommended Adhesive:

Cyanoacrylate adhesive

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